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The Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup is the largest cross-European race series.

In 2019, it will be 12 races, five countries and one Grand Champion!


The Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup mission is to provide an entertaining and top-class race series whilst giving back to the race organisations.


The Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup consists of 16 days of racing across five European countries that will count towards one Grand Champion winning the overall series. The series starts in January and runs through to October.

The series is the inspiration of Leading Sports and Media.

The Grand Champion is the rider who can ride on different types of courses over a whole season and who will lift the LCT Trophy.

Most races will be shown live on TV or live streamed creating an audience and with potential combined roadside spectators of 650 000 and another 450 000 followers on social media it creates a huge fan base for the events.


All teams and riders that belong to the UCI World Tour, Pro Continental and Continental circuit and club levels may compete. The series is open to all of these riders, without restriction of nationality.


In summary, the Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup wants to boost the economic viability of races across Europe. In today’s economic climate many races across Europe have been suffering to maintain sufficient levels of sponsorship and events are under threat. By combining these races into one platform it brings a far greater and more attractive proposition to sponsors and will help to fund and provide more sustained longevity for these races, some which have been around for many, many years. It will also provide far more favourable conditions for new races to enter into the market.

The race organisers will continue their excellent work running the events.

Furthermore, by combining these races under one umbrella they gain in interest which again helps guarantee the future for these events. Addition of VIP zones, fan zones and entertainment will create a programme to keep the spectators well entertained at the events whilst waiting for the riders to cross the finish line.

Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup 2019 Regulations.

The following series regulations supplement the general regulations of the UCI.

Regulation 1

The "Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup" is a series organised by Leading Sports and Media.

The series consists of 12 races across five countries of the level UCI 1.1, 1. HC, 2.1 or 2. HC and one British National Series event.

Regulation 2

The "Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup " includes a general individual classification, a race classification Only UCI road teams and their riders are eligible for the classifications:

General individual classification: open to all riders of UCI road teams.

Regulation 3

The event organisations are obliged to invite teams of the World Tour, Pro-Continental and Continental level as per UCI regulations. The maximum number of riders per race may not exceed the number as noted by UCI regulations. Expense allowances are reimbursed, by the race organisation, to the teams of the World Teams and Professional Continental Teams according to the scale imposed by the UCI.

Regulation 4

Series individual general classification points are awarded as follows:

50,35,25,20,18,16,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 20 riders in each race.

On stage races ½ points are awarded for each stage (rounded up) and full points for the overall general classification.

The overall individual classification is made up by adding up the points gained in each event raced. In the event of a tie, the largest number of first places, then second and third places will be taken into account. If there is still a tie the rider who has ridden in the most LCT events in the season will take the title of Grand Champion.

The leader in the overall individual classification will be presented with a trophy at the events podium ceremonies in addition to the event classifications.

Regulation 5

Prize Money is not awarded for the leaders of the Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup classification. Prize money will be awarded by the race organisations as per the event classifications.

At the end of the season the Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup classification winners will be awarded prizes as determined by the series management during the course of the season.

Regulation 6

Adherence to UCI Race regulations and possible breaches of those regulations will be the responsibility of the race organisation and not the series management.

Regulation 7

Specific cases that are not included in these regulations will be submitted to the management of the Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup. The decisions taken by management of the series regarding the rules of the of the series are final and not negotiable.


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