Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup Announces Races

Leading Sports and Media have announced the races which will make up the 2019 Lead Cycle Tour (LCT) Euro Cup. A mixture of historic and exciting races that will excite and entertain all cycling fans.

The series is designed to find the best overall rider across different types of terrain, hills, pave, sprints and climbs. These races will create exciting race conditions and suspense that will last throughout the year and fans across the continent can come together and appreciate the skills and endeavour of the rider who will be the LCT Euro Cup winner at the end of 2019.

Starting at the end of January with the four events of the Playa de Palma Challenge - Ciclista Mallorca, races that are supported by many World Tour teams. These races will test the riders early season form allowing them to collect early points towards their total.

The series then moves to mainland Europe into the Netherlands to test the climbs and weather conditions in the Limburg region before moving to the UK for a fast-paced trip along the pave and bergs of Rutland and Lincoln.

After a picturesque but brutal course around Lugano there will be a mid-season break.

The LCT returns with a tough race in Gexto in the Basque Country and the Tour of Wallonie where each day riders can collect more points.

The series culminates with a 6 week stay in Belgium traveling over more climbs and pave before finishing in September with the Grand Prix de Wallonie.

The full calendar is below:

Playa de Palma Challenge - Ciclista Mallorca (Spain) – 31 Jan, 4 Feb

Volta Limburg Classic (Netherlands) – 6 Apr

Rutland – Melton International CiCLE Classic (UK) – 28 April

Lincoln Grand Prix
(UK) – 12 May

Gran Premio Città di Lugano
(Switzerland) – 9 Jun

VOO-Tour de Wallonie (Belgium) – 27,31 July

Circuito de Getxo - Memorial Ricardo Otxoa (Spain) – 31 July

Grote Prijs Stad Zottegem (Belgium) – 20 Aug

Grand Prix de Wallonie (Belgium) – 18 Sep


Head of Media for Leading Sport and LCT Press Officer, Stuart Pickering, commented: “We are very pleased to have some of the most iconic and historic races in Europe as part of the LCT series, it is very exciting! The overall winner will be a rider with all round capabilities and I am sure all the fans who follow the series will have their own ideas who should win, they will just have to follow and enjoy the spectacle to find out!

Furthermore, and very importantly, through the series we will assist and support these races for the benefit of all concerned. With the races of lower classes, we will be working with the organisers to bring these up to UCI standard as soon as possible.

The LCT is negotiating with more races to take part towards the back end of the season, with more races already confirmed for the 2020 season.

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