Grote Prijs Stad Zottegem
East Flanders, Belgium


Grote Prijs Stad Zottegem is a single-day road bicycle race held annually in August in Zottegem, Belgium.

Since 2005, the race is part of the UCI Europe Tour with a class of 1.1.

The Zottegem city council organized the first fairground race in 1933. It was a success and during the next Half-Harvest Fair (1935) a professional racing competition was held, for the time being on Sunday: the ‘Groote Prijs der gemeente Sottegem en der Sigaretten Belga’ and later renamed “de Dokter Tistaertprijs”.

Between 1971 and 1998 it was called 'Herinneringsprijs Dokter Tistaert - Prijs Groot-Zottegem', in 1999 it changed to 'G.P. Zottegem - Tistaertprijs' and since 2002 it has the current name.

It is a unique race that has a true fairground atmosphere, the tone of the event being set by the exciting Summer Festival, which starts at the centre of the city from Friday evening, continues the party through the weekend and a concludes with a fireworks display on Monday.

Race History

First Edition:



82 (As of 2018)

First Winner:

André Verlinden (BEL)

Most Wins:

Maurice Blomme (BEL) - 3

Most Recent Winner 2018:

Jérôme Baugnies (BEL)

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