Volta Limburg Classic
Limburg, Netherlands


Volta Limburg Classic is a single-day road race held annually in late March or early April in Limburg, Netherlands.

Since 2005, the race has been organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. Prior to 2012, the race was known as Hel van het Mergelland. The 2011 Hel van het Mergelland was the 38th edition of the event.

In 2018, the 45th edition, the 197-kilometre race still held onto the characteristics of the old Hel van het Mergelland keeping with the history of the race.

The route has been changed again for 2019. The first part of the route consists of a heavy, hilly round of more than 90 kilometers through the Voerstreek and the municipalities of Eijsden-Margraten and Gulpen-Wittem, with hills such as the Bemelerberg, the Crindaal and the Flabberweg, which debuts in the Volta Limburg Classic. The riders then reach the local circuits in Vaals, the Gemennicherweg has to be climbed three times, shortly after each other. The riders will then get fifty kilometers (including Gulperberg and Koning van Spanje) before reaching Eijsden. Just as in the previous editions, there are four vicious climbs in the last twenty kilometers that follow each other in quick succession: the Misterelindje, the Hoesberg, the Kalleberg and the slope of Moerslag. On arrival in Eijsden one local circuit is waiting, and then the traditional finish on the cobblestones of the Diepstraat.

Winners have often gone onto greater things, in 2018 Jan Tratnik took the honours but past winners have been Stefan Kung, Moreno Hoffland and back in 2008 a young Tony Martin.

Race History

First Edition:



45 (As of 2018)

First Winner:

Jan Spijker (NED)

Most Wins:

Raymond Meijs (NED) - 4

Most Recent Winner 2018:

Jan Tratnik (SLO)

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